A Spanish Song

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From the front porch It beginsSoftlyGaining volume and cadence The tune of Spanish music I smileFor I’m back in MexicaliThe streets of Santa AnaStanding before a cathedral in Sevilla In all the places This tune … Read More


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I’m a late becomerSeems like most other knew Who they gonna be since they were youngNot me I spent 30 years taking emotional careEncouraging others’ dreamsBeing the girl they Needed me to be until My … Read More

For Today

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For todayMay mercy greetForgiveness winMay compassion seek the truest of friend May space be madeBeauty make wayMay your pace be honored As you wade into a hopeful flow Of letting go We are but children … Read More

Channeling your inner Mary Poppins

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Imagine walking down the streetChanneling your inner Mary PoppinsYou drop intoA slice of timeA sliver of historyTo bring all of you to this present moment Let all extra float up the chimneyHurt and unhealthy attachmentsLike … Read More

Back Porch Moments

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Offering spiritual directionFrom our homeMeans inviting directees into our space To the front room, or today, our back porchWhere bossy birds chatterWisteria blossoms fall on shouldersMama God holds a brave soul on the couch A … Read More


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Consider the personsituationor circumstance that causes you the most angst Look at itLook closerCould it be that this facethis thingor experience scares you?Distracts your thoughts and zaps your energy? Now, consider the personplaceor experienceswhere you … Read More