Meet Bekah Jane Pogue

Oh, hello, sweet soul!

I’m so glad you’re here. My heart is happy just thinking about what’s drawing you to Pasture.

First, I must confess 3 truths to you:

  1. I'm on a journey to become a better listener.
  2. Experiencing grief from losing my dad turned out to be the most surprising wake-up invitation to truly live.
  3. I believe in using the word whimsy on a daily basis.

Your turn 🙂

I can tell you about all the titles I’ve carried so far: wife, boy mama, pastor’s wife, author/speaker, hospice worker, event director, interior designer, thrifter, baker, interviewer and storyteller, plant lady, and on and on…
yet I’m more concerned to live congruently so that my insides match my outsides. I am passionate about creating safe spaces to usher brave souls like you to connect to yourself, God, and others through listening, resting, and receiving. This is how Pasture began.

Life, loss, and intentionally slowing down shifted my heartbeat from previously living like a 24/7 Event Planner to becoming an Experience Inviter. I love love love inviting others to experience life- to reflect, listen, savor, discern, and celebrate. In essence, to be present and notice God in all aspects.

Pasture sparked from my personal journey of discovering my value in being rather than doing. Along the way, God has winnowed my journey to surface three focused offerings: spiritual direction, retreats, and creative expressions through poetry & home re-design.

My Training/Experiences include:

  • Certified Christian Spiritual Director through School of Spiritual Direction, Sustainable Faith
  • Completed St. Ignatius' 19th Annotation (8-month Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life)
  • Author of Choosing Real, Choosing Real Devotional Thought Journal, Praying Your Way To Forgiveness and Praying Your Way to Forgiveness: A Devotional Thought Journal
  • Poetry Workshop Leader
  • Grief Recovery Method Specialist

    As an old-soul empath, I have a heart for those who are grieving all types of loss, discovering their voice, feel on the fringe, and/or need a safe space to be honest and real about the ups and downs of life.

    Our family is originally from Huntington Beach, CA, and now resides just outside of Nashville, TN. We are most alive among rolling green hills, exploring local sights, and eating our way through new towns. We love opening our home to offer Philoxenia to all who cross our paths: the love of strangers, an act of eager hospitality and welcome.

    If you are looking for an unconventional space to experience soul nourishment that integrates beauty, contemplation, and hospitality, welcome, dear one. 

Listening is where we shall begin.

Grace & Space,
Bekah Jane

Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go.
Proverbs 3:6, Passion Translation