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Bekah Pogue

Hello! I am glad you are here!

Craving the balance of contemplative discernment and delight but are not sure how or where to begin?
Desiring practical ways to listen, heal, and live free?  

I founded Pasture Experience in 2017 to offer a level playing field (Luke 6:17) for individuals, couples, and groups to attune to the love of God, the humanity of Jesus, and the mystery of the Spirit through spiritual direction, holistic retreats, and poetry.

Living with congruence is a complex journey, and I count it sacred work to create spacious offerings that integrate contemplation, connection, and creativity.

Sojourners who are drawn toward Pasture Experience often include helping professionals, creatives, caretakers, counselors, empaths, mental/emotional/spiritual practitioners, and retreat leaders.

Our family is originally from Huntington Beach, CA, and now resides just outside of Nashville, TN. We are most alive among rolling green hills, exploring local sights, and eating our way through new towns. We love opening our home to offer Philoxenia to all who cross our paths: the love of strangers, an act of eager hospitality and welcome.

My education/experience includes:

I look forward to holding space for you!

Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go.
Proverbs 3:6, Passion Translation

Grace & space,

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