Hospitable offerings that usher brave souls into
a with-Shepherd-journey through:
Christian Spiritual Direction
Intimate Retreats 
Poetry & Home Design
Have you asked:
How can I experience intimacy with God in the good, hard, and everything in-between?

How do I hear His voice above all the others? 

What does it look like to live with congruence so that my insides match my outsides?
Pasture is where hospitality meets Christ-centric contemplation, connection & creativity so that you can confidently discern God's voice, trust His ways, enjoy the present, and move toward healing and wholeness.
Pasture embodies the essence of Psalm 23 in relation to your life as a journey; a vast, wide-open field with ample room to explore, rest, grieve, and celebrate. All within the safe embrace of our Shepherd.

Permission to bring your honest questions, curiosities, and passions to process, be known, and discover intimacy with a God who is "always with you." Psalm 23:4

* * *

Spiritual Direction is offered virtually and/or in-person.

Intimate retreats are hosted at the home of the Pogue Family in Nashville, TN.
Hometown Retreats are offered across the U.S. and co-hosted by a Pasture Alum and facilitated by Bekah Pogue.

Poetry & Home Design services are offered locally and/or virtually from Pasture's Creative Haven.



Pasture Experience Founder, Certified Christian Spiritual Director, Poet & Home Designer, Grief Recovery Method Specialist


Oh, hello sweet soul! Well, come!

In 2017 I founded Pasture Experience, a level playing field available for all who want to experience grace and space, with a side of sass! 

As a wife to a former pastor, and part of the author/speaker world, I craved space to slow down, rest, and listen to God's voice above all the others. I wanted to experience intimacy with Jesus, rather than go to an event and talk about Him. I desired organic ways "to be the church" instead of "doing ministry" only within the walls of a church. I wanted to know God was with me in the mundane moments and empower others on their unique with-Shepherd-journey.

What began as monthly gatherings in an antique mall, focused into Pasture's present-day offerings of retreats, Christian spiritual direction, and poetry & home design services.

My heartbeat? To offer hospitable approaches for anyone to experience the Trinity, smack dab in the middle of real life.

In addition to being a wife and boy mama, I am in my sweet spot hosting and facilitating Pasture Retreats and serving as a Christian spiritual director (certified through Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction). I also offer care as a  certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and count it sacred work to walk individuals and small groups from loss toward action-oriented healing and wholeness.

Originally from Huntington Beach, CA, our family now resides just outside of Nashville, TN. We are most alive among rolling green hills, exploring local sights, and eating our way through new towns. We love opening our home to offer Philoxenia to all who cross our paths: the love of strangers, and act of eager hospitality and welcome.

 "...for you are with me..."




Want to connect congruence between biblical head knowledge and
true intimacy with your Shepherd?
Need a safe space to share your honest feelings, doubts, and questions with God?
Exhausted from religious rules but don't want to throw Jesus out with the bathwater?

Christian spiritual direction is for the brave individual who is wanting deeper intimacy with God and could benefit from a spiritual director who offers them a safe space to notice and respond to the Trinity’s invitations in the their life.

Spiritual direction integrates information about God to intimacy with God through contemplative rhythms such as prayer, listening, reflecting truth, asking open-ended questions, experiencing delight, expressing creativity, paying attention to how God is drawing you closer to His heart, and taking courageous action from a posture of discernment.

As a certified spiritual director, my role is to co-journey and co-listen with the directee, while always relying on God as the real director. My role is to be a nonjudgmental listener, a fellow sojourner who mines interiorly, shines a light, and offers grace and space to connect the spiritual dots. 

 I do this by offering a warm space to illuminate how God is moving in your everyday routine, encourage you when the journey is hard, and empower you to come home to the One who is always with you. Spiritual direction is a permission-giving invitation to receive God's love, listen to the Shepherd's voice, and trust the Holy Spirit's mysterious ways. 
During a monthly 60-minute spiritual direction session (virtually or in-person) a directee has abundant room to be heard, explore ideas about God, re-define faith language, pray, and rest in a God who sees, loves, and is FOR you. 

John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me. 


The task of the spiritual director is to be positioned, like a campfire in the wilderness, welcoming sojourners from all corners of life to stop, relax, and yarn for a while. A place where tired bodies and spirits are warmed by the fire and refreshed. A friendly atmosphere where stories of the road are shared among travellers. The job of a spiritual director is to keep the fire burning because one never knows when a traveller will come to sit. It doesn't matter where on the journey the traveller has been exploring, or how long they have been walking, if they come in peace to sit on a log by the campfire, they are welcome.




“Bekah Pogue is a rare breed. Somewhere along her beautiful and broken path she learned the magic of listening, and has turned it into art. From someone who has a been striving all my life, it has been refreshing to lay my weapons down and simply rest and be heard on her porch, hot tea in one hand, tissue in the other. Thank you Bekah for showing me that Jesus doesn’t need for me to work so hard. He is simply asking me to lie down and rest.”
- stacy


“Spiritual direction gave me the safe space to really connect with the Trinity and my innermost emotions. It helped me allow myself to open up to the darkness that I had buried deep inside for many years. Through spiritual direction I was able to see the light that Grace offers my soul. I will forever be grateful for the chance to learn what it feels like to forgive myself and receive God’s grace and love.”





Are you looking for connection? A welcoming space to be fully heard and unconditionally loved?

Join us for a soul-nourishing, all-sensory weekend!

Pasture is an intimate listening retreat that journeys women through Psalm 23 for the purpose of connecting with God, yourself, and kindred sojourners.

Weekend Retreats are held 2-3 times per year in our Nashville-based home.

Retreat Schedule (Friday evening- Saturday night):
- Friday evening begins at 6:30pm  with charcuterie, wine, a creative experience, and a home concert.

- Saturday morning meet back at 9:00am for breakfast, story-sharing, lunch, and a  confession/truth-healing experience.

- Enjoy a few soul care hours in the afternoon.

- Gather back at 6pm for Celebration Dinner around our table. 

Everything is provided. You need only bring your self. Friday night lodging is on your own.

The majority of our time will be spent in our living room where I host & facilitate. You'll also meet my husband, "Chef Bryan" who prepares life-changing seasonal meals in our kitchen, and our sons, Tanner and Ty, who set the table for connection and celebration. It's a family affair, and we love opening our humble abode and hearts to you! 

Pasture Retreat is your weekend to rest, receive, and experience a holistic approach to soul care. Retreats are a form of group spiritual direction.

Retreats are capped at no larger than 10 women (or smaller due to COVID safety).

* Hotel & Airbnb recommendations are available.





"This experience was totally a gift to me. Literally and figuratively. I found a little more freedom. A little more hope. A little more peace. I know I haven’t fully “arrived” and will continue to struggle with doubt, shame and fear. But, the moments shared with these women were so human. So honest. I am grateful."


"Pasture Retreat far exceeded the expectations built up in my mind. I knew I was tired and in need of refreshment, but it was so much more! In a very loud and distracted world, we often fail to just BE. Listening is crucial for the health of our hearts, and in the sitting still and listening to others share, as well as my own sharing, I awakened to the voice of my good Shepherd in new ways. Psalm 23 has an entirely new meaning."


"If you need a safe place to "just be", Pasture Retreat is that place. Bekah is very gracious and offers an atmosphere that is so needed for women to come and be vulnerable about their journey. I loved being at Pasture and getting time with other ladies who seem to share the same basic need; to be heard and known. I highly recommend!"





Lead with listening.
All are welcome.
Rooted in scripture.
Real connection.
Your journey matters.

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| Poetry & Home Design |

Where creativity is expressed through honest poetry, prayers, & liturgies
and homes are re-designed into beautiful spaces.

Listening is healing.
Being heard is healing.
Experiencing steadfast confidence when choosing to receive Love, rather than strive, is healing.

- Bekah Jane Pogue



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