"If you need a safe place to "just be", Pasture Experiene is that place. Bekah is very gracious and offers an atmosphere that is so needed for women to come and be vulnerable about their journey. I loved being at Pasture and getting time with other ladies who seem to share the same basic need; to be heard and known. I hightly recommend! - Beth, East TN, Fall 2019 Retreat

"The Pasture Experience is just that; an experience. It's to be experienced by every woman. Needed. Necessary. Nourishing. Intimate. A revival for your soul. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are in your journey, this is for you." - Jill, Spring Hill, TN, Fall 2019 Retreat

"My Pasture experience was a gift and blessing. I loved it! It was a space to actually connect with God and myself after being in a season of disconnect and feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Bekah and Pasture gave me the space, and ability to see how God was working in my life and what He is inviting me to. I will be forever grateful for the time of sitting in Psalm 23 under Bekah's gentle yet honest guidance. Bekah said something about "We have all we need, all else is frosting" and this has been ringing so true- what if I lived that way - it would be so changing, to actual believe all is provided for and to stop striving." - Chelsea, Indiana,  Spring 2019 Retreat

"My Pasture weekend with Bekah was one of the most magical experiences I have ever enjoyed. I was not sure walking into the weekend what to expect. I left grateful for every woman who came and every detail beautifully curated by Bekah. Her gently guidance and boundless spirit were extraordinary. The opening of hearts was beautiful to witness and my own journey was enriched beyond measure. I am going to send my daughter to the next one!" - Jackie, Nashville, Spring 2019 Retreat

"It was wonderful. I’m so grateful. Bekah went above and beyond for all of us and it so obvious. Hospitality is truly her gift! What a joy to be able to be myself without pretense or expectation, knowing that exactly THAT was what was expected. So much the opposite in the real world. What a gift, one of so many." - Jennifer, Missouri, Spring 2019 Retreat

"My Pasture Experience far exceeded the expectations built up in my mind. I knew I was tired and in need of refreshment, but it was so much more! In a very loud and distracted world, we often fail to just BE. Listening is crucial for the health of our heart and in the sitting still and listening to others share as well as my own sharing, I awakened to the voice of my good Shepherd in new ways. Psalm 23 has an entirely new meaning and I believe with all my heart that Bekah Pogue has been called to this ministry for such a time as this! Our lives continue to become louder with distractions and it is crucial we submit this to the Father in order to maintain our spiritual health and wellness." - Kelli, Kentucky, Spring 2019 Retreat

"This was a weekend that I will never forget. It was a time of sharing things that I always wished for a place to share and also allowed me to be an audience for others to share their stories. As we walked through steps of progress, there was healing and confession, and renewal. I highly recommend for every woman. We have all had our own struggles, losses, and heartbreak. This is the place that you have been longing for- a safe tucked in place, to unpack it, and feel the relief of speaking it out loud. Then watch as the power of that hardship is diminished and you find the steps to continue your walk on a renewed and healed path." - Anonymous, Spring 2019 Retreat

"From the moment I saw Bekah’s post on Instagram about Pasture, I felt God tugging on me. I had experienced a very hard year full of pain, uncertainty, and confusion. Attending Pasture was an out-of-the-box occurrence for me—traveling alone, staying alone, and sharing my Pasture journey with women I did not know. I can honestly say that God met me at Pasture. He knew exactly what I needed and who I needed. Each of the women at Pasture were at a different point in their Pasture journey which made the weekend even more beautiful. The deep connections and relationships forged through this weekend are relationships I will value forever. The healing I experienced through confession, truth-telling, crying, spending alone time with God, and hearing His voice has completely changed my life. I am forever grateful that Bekah facilitated such a conversation between God and I so He could heal my soul. Beyond all these amazing things, Bekah’s home-family- and husband’s cooking skills are out of this world! I would do another Pasture experience in a heartbeat!" - Anonymous, Spring 2019 Retreat

"I walked into Pasture unsure and reserved, and left hours later practically dancing home. Bekah leads with grace, authenticity and beautiful humility. She ushers in an environment where women are free to be truly themselves, without pretense or polish and are able to shake themselves free of chains of judgement. Pasture was a place where every woman felt seen and known and still invited in, maybe our greatest unsaid longings. It connected us as humans in a beautiful way that created a life-giving template for authentic relationships which I hope to carry throughout my life. I am forever grateful for Bekah and her courage to lead this Pasture movement. This will change you." – Christi, Local Fall 2018 Local Gathering

"There are hardly words to say all that Pasture opened in me. It showed me that women do desire deep connection today, not just superficial social media followings. The first week of Pasture blew me away with the hearts of women in our community and their willingness to go to hard places alongside each other. We came in as strangers and left as friends!" - Suzanne, Fall 2018 Local Gathering

"Pasture is a place for soul care. It taught me that most everyone is battling something. It made me realize at a deeper level that we all go through some serious big, storms, but it's wonderful to know that God carries us through without fail." – Kristy, Fall 2018 Local Gathering

"I loved meeting a new group of women. I think the connection of just being honest and open made the friendships seem easy. Pasture was an intimate, safe setting where you could be heard and known. I grew in our time together. I tried to let go of some of the self-imposed restrictions I had about my prayer life and embraced prayer as I felt it in my heart.  In return, I felt like I prayed more spontaneously and more genuinely.  I also focused on being a better listener because I felt the joy of the sweet gift of others listening to me." - Wendy, Fall 2018 Local Gathering