Lead with Listening

At Pasture, we turn talking and listening upside down and lead with a listening posture; listening to yourself, listening to God, and then listening to others. With much external noise and distraction, when was the last time you paid attention to your thoughts, emotions, and body for the purpose of integrating your interior life with your exterior actions? Through a listening posture we confess our lack of answers and release our anxiety at needing to fix or problem-solve. By doing so, freedom and transformation unfold into a deeper attunement with ourselves, God, and others. Listening roots us to practice stillness, discernment, and live with spiritual congruency so that regardless of external circumstances we can say with full confidence, It is well with my soul.


All are Welcome

Pasture offers a safe space for ALL.
Are you wanting more in your relationship with God? Tired of trying so hard? Are you a caretaker? A creative? Do you work at a church? Un-churched? Weary? An in-process soul who longs to bridge what you know about God to become congruent with your intimate experience of Him?
Great! Your presence is welcome and wanted here. In journeying this brave space, you are offered compassionate shoulder-to-shoulder with-ness.


Rooted in Scripture

Pasture represents our life in the context of Psalm 23.  Here, you are invited to listen, rest, trust, and receive soul nourishment through every season. At times we're made to lie down in green pastures, be led beside quiet waters, and traverse the darkest valleys. Other seasons, our cups overflow. Through every moment of solitude, suffering, and celebrating, His comforting presence is with us.


Authentic Connection

Pasture embodies real, honest connection. We empower your true, in-process self because this is where healing happens. Whether it's a deeper connection with God or yourself, or connection with others at a retreat, honesty and authenticity is at the core of our spacious offerings. 


Your Journey Matters

Your individual pasture journey is beautifully unique for the deep, slow work God is unfolding within. Consider this your permission slip to be fully known and unconditionally loved by our Creator. He wastes nothing. Especially the painful, humbling, on-the-ground-level experiences where we come to know His comfort, provision, protection, and delight.