I want to Set Up a free 30-min design consultation

Are you tired of staring at the same four walls? Hoping to breathe beauty into a space? Let's re-design one room (or more), using what you already have! 

I've always had a love for home re-design and arranging spaces that invite intentional conversation and curiosity. My home re-design standard? Go with what you're drawn to, what you enjoy because your home is an extension of you! 

After years of company commenting on our bookcase arrangement or asking how I thought to create a gallery wall with architectural pieces and framed poetry, I began offering home re-design services. I love the entire process; from potential to completion.  What makes my re-design sessions stand apart is that I come alongside the client to use what they already have and invite a new purpose! Those mirrors lying around? Let's layer them on the mantle. That old book collection? Let's incorporate them in a vignette on the piano? Needs a pop of color of color? What about that moss throw in the other room?

No doubt that you already have beautiful taste and great space! Sometimes we just need an objective eye to strategize and re-arrange, using what's already present. 

 I offer one-hour re-design sessions virtually and in-person. Our first session consists of listening to what room or space you want to focus on, the ambience you want to create, and what furniture, frames, or pieces we have to work with. Then, the magic begins!

Whether you want to re-design a cozy living room that is kid-friendly, a contemplative sanctuary space, or create a gallery wall, I'm here to come alongside you, as together, we breathe whimsy and beauty into your home. And have a lot of fun in the process!

Let's re-design your home into a beautiful expression of you and your family!


We have three small children, and with Bekah's ideas, our space is cozy, comfortable, and functional for our young family. I'm thankful for how she listens, her eye for design, and her encouragement in making our home a place we love to be.
Lindsay Coya

I enjoyed our sessions together and gained a new perspective, as well as greater confidence in my own expression of home design. Thank you for sharing your gifts so freely with me.

Karla Charles