The Contemplative Way

The Contemplative Way

The contemplative way invites you to pause and stare at a butterfly, in awe of wing designs, of the manner which she slowly opens and closes a million secrets.

The contemplative way paves paths of quiet and margin, solitude and listening, that can look to others as laziness or lethargy.

The contemplative way know that small moments are sacred, that grief teaches more than positivity, and that Jesus is and always will be rooted in reality.

What is present is real.

Is it sadness?

Honor reality and you will honor truth.

The contemplative way skips and plays with child-like delight. Stoops low to gather foraged treasures, touches moss, breathes in a sunset, notes light gliding along lake’s smooth surface.

The contemplative life leans into mystery, into the unknown, into the ebb and flow of light and dark, trusting that at the center is God, who surrounds us with love and enjoys our company.

The contemplative way pays heed to the frenetic pace of busy, success, being over-responsible, and intends toward peace, toward receiving love, toward balance in Christ.

Bekah Pogue