Focus on the Flock

Focus on the Flock

From the back row I watch them worship
Swaying with Spirit, arms outstretched
Receiving Love with lavish grace and ease

I weep

I weep because those who come hungry and thirsty
Are this precious flock
Showing up honestly, expectantly, humbly
Asking for more

Let the Pharisees assume their place in the balcony
Let them look down with critical eyes and concrete hearts
Let them swirl gossip and confusion at what God is doing
Give them not your energy or explanation

Focus, rather, on the flock

On the ones who are present, listening, hearing
They taste and see and say, Yes. More.
We give our space and energy toward that which grows consolation
Let pharisaic energy be invited to the sanctuary floor

For, the flock who is being offered and invited
into intimate experience
are as close to His heart as they can be

Come home, invites our tender Shepherd
In my flock
I count and know every sheep.