Contem PLAY tion

Along the way toward deepening
Unplugging from the machine
Turning down the noise
Learning to cease fixing and problem-solving to listen longer
Being with, rather than doing for God

ContemPLAYtion awaits

This slow, solitary posture
Rests in the presence of Triune love
Surrenders to my humanity
Trusts the Mystery

What about play and delight?

True contemplation holds hands with laughter
Makes space for whimsy
Opens the door to child-like delight

I can be deeply contemplative and vibrantly fun
I can be an unsure faith sojourner while twirling in the wilderness
I can be at home with Divine attachment while creating beauty in hidden spaces

This unfolding journey is vast enough to hold contemplation and play

To dance in the kitchen and get lost in spiritual offerings
To experience imaginative prayer and find Imago Dei in pleasure
To write poetry and offer solidarity to the one who grieves

Formational rhythms
Confetti the path with spontaneous joy
So that as you live into a contemplative way of being
Your inner child will smile and say,
‘Thank you for making space to consistently play.’