My Evergreen

Sweet Soul,

Did you know that come this Christmas, your very company is enough?
You don’t need a spouse, kids, or extended family pouring into your home to be complete.

Where you are, standing in your honest, present space is perfectly complete.

No gifts, relatives, fixings or decorations add to your essence.
After all, you’re my Evergreen who is to be appreciated in all your splendor.
You alone are worth savoring, however this Advent season looks – whether alone or surrounded by many.

Do you hear quiet all-around?

What do you notice in your body?
What emotions wake up and say, “I’m here”?
What’s underneath your longing?

Could it be, the babe, My younger version, sees you in all your vulnerable glory and says,

“Me too. Me too.
I, too, have been cold, alone, craving home.
Only to come back to this sacred space where Frankincense nor Myrrh
Gold nor silver suffice.

Only the Love of My Father
Beckoning Me back to His arms,
And then to you, where I get to live in and breathe from

My Evergreen

You are the sacred vessel that holds Me, Spirit of the Christ Child
A solidary reminder that in your tender state
I am with you

May My light radiate from your very being
This season

My dear, dear Evergreen,

– Jesus