For the one who has a heart for Hospitality

For the one who has a heart for Hospitality

Consider the times you experienced approachable hospitality
Was it the fine china? The meal? The immaculate home?


Or, perhaps it was the way you felt in one’s presence
To be seen, asked about, enjoyed and known

To offer hospitality, you need only
A heart of acceptance
An invitation for another to be at home in their skin
In their present situation, however messy it may is

Hospitality says,
You’re okay. I’m with you
The details can wait
Let the soup boil over
The dust bunnies roll about
Pull out a chair and rest awhile

When hospitality feels daunting, like a big to-do
Remember that you can offer with-ness
In the store
In line
In the office
As well as your table

For, hospitality is about welcoming one’s soul
To be
For however long they stay
And to hope that when they leave
They feel more at home
In a having-been-seen kinda way.