Beauty in being un-Busy

When I feel flaily
Believing the message that says,
“You’re worth is found in being busy,
Doing lots
Being seen and affirmed for busy-bee-ness”

Un-tangling is at work
This un-busy sort of being
For my ego wants to turn back
Familiar rhythms of a packed calendar
proving my value

“See? See all I’m a part of?
I have purpose”

But oh, dear self,
you have purposeful beauty
in un-busy-ness

The margin you live in
pads out noise and distraction
Re-centers you toward the delicious presence

To watch your boys have a water fight
Your hubby make sourdough from his starter, Ed
To pick another bouquet and throw petals into a bubbly soak

You are finding your worth in listening and connecting
Intimate moments that shine like gold
Please know
Your intentions to push through the comfortable layers
of running to and fro
is what makes you approachable and accessible

Like a wildflower garden
Overflowing with
surprising blooms.