Everyday Intentions

  1. Let all that ____ go.
  2. Forgive yourself. Them. Free yourself from prison.
  3. Pay attention to what your body is holding. Trauma? Heaviness? Pain? Tend to your body and breathe.
  4. Move toward Hope.
  5. Hold up a truth mirror. Peer in and stay with your reflection long enough to weep and laugh.
  6. Live fully alive.
  7. Accept. Again and again.
  8. Follow cake crumbs.
  9. Smile at the start of every dawn.
  10. Reflect upon every dusk. What brought life, creativity, hope?
  11. Surround yourself with faces and places that feel like home.
  12. In order to grow, surrender disillusioned layers. For every layer shed, your true self is revealed.
  13. God’s image shines within you. Let the Triune of Truth, Love & Grace be the rays others are drawn toward.
  14. That past hurt? Name it. Take a seed and bury it in soil and watch beauty flourish from what was once painful.
  15. Bridge play and contemplation. Delight and prayer are lovers who exist best when in partnership.
  16. Have fun. Criticize, analyze and judge less. Look at every person as a diamond awaiting another to see the gem they are under all that dirt and stone.